Benefits of Your CSB Advantage Account

Personal service

We will work directly with you and with all legal authorizations such at Powers of Attorney, Trusts, and Court Conservators.

Automatic payments of on-going expenses

We will collect all payment information so everything is clear and easy to understand.

All scheduled payments

We will make all automatic payments including any on-going payments, costs, household utilities, routine medical charges, mortgage and real property tax payments, credit card balances, caregiver payments, and any other recurring expenses.

One-time Setup Fee

There is an initial setup fee of $100 to sign agreements and create payment information. Going forward, we can make changes to the agreement at your request.

Low monthly services fees

The fees are based on the number of payees you have regardless of the number of payments going to each payee.

  • 6 or less payees $30
  • 7 to 9 payees $40
  • 10 or more $50

Pre-notification of all payments

You will always know when we are preparing to make a payment from your account as we will send you an email before the payment is due.

24-hour access to your CSB Advantage checking account

You will also have access to your account with our online banking at and our Telephone Banking at 855-411-mycsb or 855-411-6927.