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Easily give and get money. With Popmoney®, you can transfer funds between yourself and others in a few simple steps.

  • Quickly and easily send and receive money from your checking account*
  • Conveniently available within online banking through bill pay
  • Send money in three easy steps:
    • Send to the recipient's email or mobile phone number
    • They get notified to deposit their money
    • Money goes directly to their bank account
  • Send notification to contacts via email or text
  • Minimal information required:
    • Recipient's name
    • Recipient's email address or mobile phone number
    • No need to exchange private account information
  • Users can receive money at one of the following:
    • In their eligible account online at their bank (if it's a member of the Popmoney network)
    • Online at
  • Save valuable time; no trips to the bank necessary

To Get Started

Have a question? View our Popmoney FAQ.

*Requires online banking and bill pay enrollment to use.