In a market overflowing with solutions that focus on credit reestablishment and promote self-help, ID TheftSmart’s licensed investigators simply do more. ID TheftSmart’s investigators have thousands of hours of experience – more than any other company in the industry – helping people to determine the extent of their exposure to risk, and to restore to a pre-theft status as quickly and efficiently as possible as an advocate on your behalf.

ID TheftSmart’s licensed investigators handle identity theft issues with a three-staged defense.

business-banking-4Identity Theft Protection

  • Consult on best practices for managing Personal Identifying Information (PII)
  • Provide safety guidelines for communicating and interacting online
  • Provide cardholders information about their rights under federal and state laws
  • Consult on best practices for consumer privacy
  • Access to a personal advocate if identity theft occurs

business-banking-1Identity Theft Detection

  • Provide an action plan when information has been compromised
  • Help with interpreting and analyzing credit report
  • Fraud alert assistance
  • Credit freeze consultation
  • Provide personal assistance when suspicious issues extend beyond initial findings

business-banking-2Identity Restoration

  • Confirm identity fraud and identify its nature and scope
  • Assist in obtaining a police report
  • Provide tri-merged credit report and perform full non-credit searches
  • Work on behalf of members until all identity theft issues have been verifiably resolved
  • Place seven-year fraud victim statements with credit reporting agencies when applicable


ID TheftSmart’s licensed investigators attack the issue before, during, and after someone becomes the victim of identity theft. This multifaceted approach allows all members to benefit from the experience and expert consultation provided by the investigators. They address the issue of privacy and best practices before an event, action after a data exposure, and restoration services in the unfortunate event of an identity theft occurrence.

Protecting your identity is vital. We offer three different identity and credit monitoring options below based upon the level of monitoring and assistance each customer selects:

Identity Management Service

Easily and efficiently self-monitor your identity within our ID TheftSmart portal.

$5 per person/per month

Credit Monitoring

Automatic credit monitoring by Experian Credit Bureau that will notify you of over 10 different credit fraud types including:

  • New accounts opened
  • Payment Delinquencies
  • Credit Inquiries
  • Public Record Changes
  • Change of Address
  • Credit Card Over Limit
  • Deceased
  • Lost or Stolen Card
  • New Unconfirmed Address
  • Settlement
  • Skip Cannot Locate
  • Fraud or Victim Statement
  • Major Derogatory

$7 per person/per month

Credit Monitoring by 3 Bureaus

The same automatic notifications as option 2 but the most thorough credit monitoring available by 3 different international credit bureaus including:

  • New accounts opened
  • Payment Delinquencies
  • Credit Inquiries
  • Public Record Changes
  • Change of Address
  • Credit Card Over Limit^
  • Deceased^
  • Lost or Stolen Card^
  • New Unconfirmed Address^
  • Settlement^
  • Skip Cannot Locate^
  • Fraud or Victim Statement^
  • Major Derogatory

^Experian Bureau only

$9 per person/per month

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