Tracking spending, setting budgets & goals, and mastering your finances has never been easier thanks to the PFM tool offered complimentary through online banking!

With PFM you can:

  • Tracking spending across all your accounts. This includes credit cards, other financial institutions, loans and mortgages. Almost any account from any institution can be added.

  • Setup and track budgets for preset categories, or add you own.

  • One easy to view spot to view all your recent spending, and then categorize that spending through many preset categories. Recurring transactions such as gas purchases or groceries will remember where you categorize them and automatically update to that category from then on.

  • View spending trends up to 12 previous months to track how your spending and income have changed over time.

  • View all debts in one place, and have calculations provided on how to accelerate debt payoff to be come debt free faster.

  • See how your net worth has changed over time

  • Set goals; as soon as the current month, or several years out. This is a great way to set a goal to purchase a large item next month, or save for a child’s college tuition 10 years down the road.

Ready to get started? Simply login to online banking, select the PFM tab across the top menu and enroll. After that sync your accounts from all institutions and then start customizing to best fit your finances. After all, this is for you so make it your own!

Still have questions? Click here to view PFM frequently asked questions.