Payroll Direct Deposit Services

Save money on every paycheck you issue, and reduce reconciliation and fraud risk. With CSB’s Payroll Services, you can initiate direct deposit of payroll to your employees’ accounts at any financial institution in the country.

  • Save money
  • Reduce reconciliation and fraud risk
  • Deposit paychecks directly into bank accounts

Simplify your payroll for you and your employees.

Automated Clearing House

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic payment processing facility that moves transactions throughout financial institutions. When your customers authorize an electronic debit from their account, funds are electronically transferred from their accounts to your account.

  • Convenient service for customers
  • Reduce check handling altogether—no printing, signing or storage
  • Decrease check fraud

This started out as a convenience. Now it’s a valuable part of doing business

Merchant (Services) Card Services

CSB’s Merchant Services allows you to offer your customers the convenience of paying you electronically with Visa and Master Card.  Now you can accept debit, credit and online transactions just as easily as cash!

  • Offer your customers more convenience
  • Accept debit, credit and online transactions
  • Automatic credit directly to your deposit account

We make it easy for you to run your business…while offering your customers the conveniences of modern day expectations.

e-Deposit (Express Deposit)

Chelsea State Bank’s e-Deposit (Express Deposit) helps you manage your business more cost effectively! Make your deposits electronically from the convenience of your own office.  This service results in less work, increased accuracy and reduced processing costs.

  • Make deposits electronically from your business
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Increase profits

Ask for a free demonstration and start making your deposits electronically today.

Check Imaging

Let Check Imaging make your banking easier and more efficient. Never have to wait, search or guess again for these documents.

  • Retrieve check information
  • Handle customer inquiries
  • Keep the accounting department running smoothly

Check Imaging will reduce your research time to seconds and your storage space to inches.

Funds Transfer Services

Maximize the use of your funds when you need to move money fast and securely. Funds Transfer Services allow you to determine the best option for your particular business needs.

  • Initiate a funds transfer as needed or in advance
  • Same-day transfers available
  • Schedule to have transfers sent automatically

We will help you select the wisest solution for your business.

Internet Banking

Know the pulse of your business day and night…in the office and across the country…with CSB’s Internet Banking solutions.

  • Monitor your account
  • View your checks with Check Imaging
  • Track your activity
  • Transfer and move funds
  • Make payments
  • All at your discretion and at your convenience
  • Ability to originate ACH files (cash management required)
  • ACH File Editor  (cash management required)
  • Ability to have multiple users with different levels of security

Make sure your company is running smoothly and efficiently with this essential business tool.

Lock Box

CSB’s Lock Box service simplifies your collection process by allowing you to collect all of your company’s receivables in one location. Your customers send their payments to a designated post office box where we will retrieve your payments, process them, and credit your account the same day they are received, saving you valuable time and resources.

  • Accelerate your cash flow
  • Improve control of your incoming funds
  • Reduce the labor-intensive process for collecting receivables

Now you can simplify your collection process and save valuable time.